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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last week I absolutely leapt for giggly joy at the fact that RADIOHEAD released their eagerly awaited 8th studio album entitled "King of Limbs".

Why the have a simple title for the post? I really do think it speaks for itself, and there is no better way to express the bubbly joy at the new album other than to yell RADIOHEAD!.

I make utterly no claim at being a cultured music critic. I just know what music I like, and I just love this band! Some may hem and haw about the music and how its a departure or how its not like their other stuff. To me, its progressive, its new and its not the same old-same old.

I love the release video for their song Lotus Flower. It reminds me of my experience at the The MOVE. (linky link)
I recently had a chance to visit and be a part of it. It was actually quite strange to not enjoy a drink with tunes. I do recommend it for those looking to dance without the club scene. It reminds me of Thom Yorke. So if you want to know what going to The MOVE is like. Its like a whole lotta Thom Yorke & Yorkettes doing this (see above). A lot.

(Mental note: I highly doubt Thom-Head would be a good choice for my kids name.)

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