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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Modern Marriage - CBC Doc Zone

J and I watched an interesting documentary by CBC Doc Zone entitled:

Thoroughly Modern Marriage.

It was fairly interesting but I found it lacked some depth into exploring some of the concepts it covered. It really did give me a feeling of wanting to know more like an unfulfilling appetizer. Case in point, it does not go into detail about the "open-marriage" presented in the documentary, I dunno about you, but the sociologist in me definitely sees some under-tones in that arrangement.

I do like however that it highlights a transition to marriage as a "cap-stone" for couples.

There is also a lovely bunch of ideas for making ones wedding unique and their own. I love the lantern signal for the bride to begin her procession!

This may sound heretical, but I think $100,000 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a wedding. I'd rather work with my client to effectively spend $10-15,000 of that and refer them to a good investment broker, NGO, or charity (Sick Kids Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Bicycle Commons, to name a few...)that could use the help.

What would you rather have?

One fleeting day of opulence or the ability to make a difference on a larger scale?

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