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  • “You have extraordinary attention to detail. You took care of the little things (like the place setting utensil twine and the food platter you sent up to the girls’ room) that we didn’t even think about. We’d be able to tell future clients to feel confident that everything will be taken of with style, even the things they may not have thought of beforehand.” – John, on his wedding

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Update No.3

One of the more recent events we did was to cater Business Connection Exchange (BCX) Mississauga Chapter's Meet and Greet, held at the Maple Buffet. (More on the BCX in a follow-up)

Despite the pouring rain and my GO train adventure in finding the location, there was a fantastic turn out and I had the opportunity to work again with our chef extraordinaire Rexy and meet a diverse array of other small business owners.

I highly recommend hooking up with the BCX and or others similar small business associations in your area. Its a fantastic way to keep in the "know" about your business community, connect with other entrepreneurs, practice/polish your marketing approach and get valuable tips and advice.

Here are a few photo's from the event. (Excuse the grainy nature!)

In my humble opinion, schmoozing and connecting with other small business people is so much easier when you have hearty appetizers and a great environment!

Special thanks goes out to Adrian, Inez and Cheryl for helping make it happen!

Summer Update No.2

Hello all!

Oh my, oh my, this summer has indeed be quite busy! It has been one of both highs and lows this summer especially on the entrepreneur field but the one sure thing is we're even more resolved to help Simplicity thrive.

On a personal note, I realize I've had to batten down the hatches and close off my personal borders to survive this summer. I'm not quite sure friends, family and clients may understand it but in hindsight it was a decision I made instinctively as I turned inward in reflection on the future. Professor Randy Pausch came to mind recently, in particular his words about walls, "walls are meant to challenge us and to get us to think of how badly do we want whats on the other side."
Perhaps in this case it showed me how badly I need friends, family and clients as support in what we do and that not for a second should we forget where we are and others are in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing can do this quicker than taking a few moments to call people who are important to me and say "What can I do for you to be at your best? To get you where you want to go?" Perhaps in that way too, helping them get over their walls I find the impetus to launch over mine.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Update No.1

Its been a ridiculously busy summer for us at Simplicity!

Earlier this summer we started it off right by volunteering to help Alpha 2 Alternative School by helping organize and cater its Class of 2009 Grade 8 Graduation hosted by Lula Lounge. The awesome news is that we provided all the catering for the 60 student and parent event at cost!

It was a hot time for a graduation and we managed to provide a great selection of light and vegetarian friendly dishes for the health conscious students and family. Special thanks goes out to Tracy of the Lula Lounge for being on-site and helping make the event truly a success!

In continuing our theme of volunteering with the community and supporting education we also went along and helped supervise with their end of the year summer car-camping trip to Stouffville. It was a great windy time, plenty of sun and wildlife, followed by evenings of smores, stargazing and playing "manhunt" in the dark!

(Special thanks to Lance for taking such awesome photos and letting Steve use his camera!)