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Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to the Age of Pokes

A friend of mine recently commented: "I guess you don't check Facebook..." No I don't. But I knew my dear friends birthday party was coming months ago. In fact, I'm getting ready for it right now, I simply couldn't wait. It reminded me of all the instances when friends and family tell me: "Why didn't you check Facebook?," or "Didn't you get my poke?"

I seem to miss events almost entirely since I'm not glued to FB. I guess it must be an office cubicle thing. Since I've escaped that lot, I seem to be missing out.

Now, this isn't a rant at those who do use Facebook. Instead, I'd like to comment on its usage and how it seems we view communication. In the age of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WAYN etc. I think the way we communicate with one another is changing. However I don't necessarily believe that its changing for the better. Perhaps its just all a bit unnecessary.

Now I've often been accused of being a skeptic and also being all to often ready to play the devils advocate for this or that. But I absolutely dislike using Facebook! At this time you may gasp and tell me all the wonderful benefits and neat features it has to offer, or how it lets you keep in touch with your friends and know what they're doing. To this I reply. How about ask? How about call? To me, nothing beats a quick phone call to see how people are doing, whats going on and the next time we can hook up for a coffee. Perhaps its me, but I wonder whats the purpose of a poke? I simply gave up that poke warfare after spending more than 5 minutes poking back all the people who did poke me.

I think Entrepeneurs should really take note of what will help and what will hinder them. No matter how many FB pokes, messages you write, or" snowballs" you throw at another persons profile, nothing beats a networking,meeting, drink, coffee and above all connecting with another human being. That means the good old face-to-face meeting. Nothing separates the wheat from the chaff than your ability to say "Hi. I'm Rolo. I'd like to help/work with you. Tell me about you." Scary eh? I think the lack of genuine connection in our communication these days bears a closer look. If I join WAYN I don't think it will bring me closer to anyone. Though I would want to continue to do so.
Sometimes though technology can help.
I do admit that the features of LinkedIn allowed me to do the one thing I enjoy, which is recommend really great people to other people for all to read. That to me is a joy, but it is still secondary to telling a client or friend in need, "hey I know this great person..."

On a whim I joined another eProposal website that is supposed to list your services to clients. There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses listed on it. Not a single tender for proposal or client seeking services has popped up in the two weeks since I signed up for it. Its as barren as a parking lot after the mall closes. Thank god I'm not paying for it.


Perhaps the techno-connection glut has to get worse before it gets better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Past Events: Louisa's Jack n' Jill

Here we have one of our earlier events for a private client, completed in the late summer of 2007. Our client was on a tight budget and was looking for an intimate yet affordable venue to hold her Jack n' Jill in conjunction with the couples Going-Away party to another part of Canada. As a result, she was looking for a place nearby, easily accessible by transit and cozy!

(From top left to to bottom right: Intimate affair at a local cafe, floral arrangements by Carly W., J at the bar, Linda on the go, Smoked Salmon Canape's, Experiencing a votive, and mini creme-brulee's - Copyright Simplicity (C) 2009)

The venue of choice was a trendy local coffee shop, (sadly its no longer under the same management - and has since changed greatly) and as such added a very eclectic feel as well as having all the amenities needed for on-site catering! Not only does this give local business a boost, but its a great way to have an intimate and informal event at an affordable cost!

One of the greatest achievements of this event was that when all was said and done, the event was a true testament what Simplicity can do. Over 80% of the materials used in the event were either, properly recycled or composted, or could be reused again! even the parting gifts of potted violets were carefully chosen from a local Toronto-based nursery, minimizing carbon emissions all the while spreading a little life and love on behalf of the celebrants. Even more fantastic was that no food went to waste, with the un-plated trays going straight to Second Harvest.

Special Thanks goes out to Ruthie and Ross and all the staff for this event. It was a very humid night, but awesome fun!

(All photo's copyright Simplicity (c) 2007)