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What our clients say about us...

  • “You have extraordinary attention to detail. You took care of the little things (like the place setting utensil twine and the food platter you sent up to the girls’ room) that we didn’t even think about. We’d be able to tell future clients to feel confident that everything will be taken of with style, even the things they may not have thought of beforehand.” – John, on his wedding

Friday, October 30, 2009

Thinking about planning your own wedding?

Recently I had a fantastic opportunity to conduct a post-wedding interview with a former potential client about her wedding experience. After an initial consultation they both chose to go with a banquet hall's services due to several personal factors. (Including 70% of the guests were in the area - More on this later)

This is for those brides to be, who wish to gather intel on what their upcoming big day may be like without a planner, Sharon and Dave had this to share about their experience...

What it’s like working without an event planner:

  • - "We thought we could do it on our own instead of hiring a planner, however it was very stressful to do it all on our own. Planning our wedding was one of the biggest challenges for us, especially since neither of us has ever planned such a huge event before. We weren’t sure what to expect or how we’d feel on or before the day."
  • - "We’ve had 1 year and 8 months to plan it, yet we were still scrambling to coordinate with vendors up until the day of the wedding. Even though we’ve tried to keep everything simple with not too many extra frills – we’ve had just the basics such as church, reverend, organist, photographer, reception venue, food/beverage and music – was still a lot of work."
  • - "In the end we’ve survived and our wedding turned out perfectly, but it would’ve been much nicer to get some help from experienced event professionals. It would’ve saved us so much time and headache from dealing with vendors and thinking of all of the little details right up to the very last minute before we say “I dos”."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Recommendation from a Parent of Alpha II

Hello all,

Below is a letter of recommendation from a really great parent from one of the graduates of Alpha II Alternative School. She and I worked together with the Student Graduation Committee to bring about the 2009 Alpha II Graduating Class Party at Lula Lounge.

(Honestly, THANK YOU VANNINA, I can barely read snippets of it because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside! - It is feedback like this that continues to remind me how much of an impact we can be to others)


October 21, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to say that I highly recommend Simplicity Event Catering if you are planning to host any type of social event.

I had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Simplicity Event Catering’s, Rolando Tecson, who volunteered to help organize the end-of-year/graduation party at my son’s school (Alpha 2 Alternative School) this past June. I cannot emphasize enough how much I, and the rest of the Alpha 2 community, appreciated Simplicity’s contribution. I was particularly impressed by Rolando’s professionalism. Although he was volunteering his time, he treated the event like any other paid catering gig, really paying attention to the clients’ (students and parents) diverging demands and coming up with creative ways to bridge them. Despite a very low budget, Simplicity helped us to pull off an event that was fun, delicious, and memorable.

Let me explain some details about this event. Alpha 2 is not an ordinary school. It is a free, student-led school, where students decide what and how they will study. This philosophy extended to the planning of the end-of-year party. This meant that all aspects of the event were planned by a committee composed of six students, one of the teachers, Rolando, and a parent (myself). In addition, all students had some input into the kind of food, location, and d├ęcor that they would like to see at their party. Trying to satisfy the diverse likes and dislikes of over twenty grade 7s and 8s and their parents is no easy task, but we managed to pull it off, in large part thanks to Rolando’s congeniality, great organizational skills, his broad knowledge of resources, and his mouth-watering food.

Rolando was fun to work with and was able to translate the students’ graduation fantasies into an achievable form. For instance, he came up with very simple yet elegant decoration ideas that appealed to all tastes. The menu, composed of a buffet of appetizer-style foods, satisfied meat-eaters and vegetarians and had substance, as well as style. It was all topped off by a delicious cake that looked beautiful but demanded to be eaten.

Every social event runs into obstacles at some point and this is where Rolando’s input was crucial. In planning, as on the day of the event, it was Rolando’s mix of good organization and conviviality that kept us on track. He never stressed out (visibly) and even when things got tough, he lightened the mood with his humour and graciousness.

I want to end by reiterating that I highly recommend Simplicity Event Catering if you are planning a social event.


Vannina, Ph.D. (Parent of Alpha II Student & Graduate)

Sociology and Equity Studies in Education

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

University of Toronto

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to the Age of Pokes

A friend of mine recently commented: "I guess you don't check Facebook..." No I don't. But I knew my dear friends birthday party was coming months ago. In fact, I'm getting ready for it right now, I simply couldn't wait. It reminded me of all the instances when friends and family tell me: "Why didn't you check Facebook?," or "Didn't you get my poke?"

I seem to miss events almost entirely since I'm not glued to FB. I guess it must be an office cubicle thing. Since I've escaped that lot, I seem to be missing out.

Now, this isn't a rant at those who do use Facebook. Instead, I'd like to comment on its usage and how it seems we view communication. In the age of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WAYN etc. I think the way we communicate with one another is changing. However I don't necessarily believe that its changing for the better. Perhaps its just all a bit unnecessary.

Now I've often been accused of being a skeptic and also being all to often ready to play the devils advocate for this or that. But I absolutely dislike using Facebook! At this time you may gasp and tell me all the wonderful benefits and neat features it has to offer, or how it lets you keep in touch with your friends and know what they're doing. To this I reply. How about ask? How about call? To me, nothing beats a quick phone call to see how people are doing, whats going on and the next time we can hook up for a coffee. Perhaps its me, but I wonder whats the purpose of a poke? I simply gave up that poke warfare after spending more than 5 minutes poking back all the people who did poke me.

I think Entrepeneurs should really take note of what will help and what will hinder them. No matter how many FB pokes, messages you write, or" snowballs" you throw at another persons profile, nothing beats a networking,meeting, drink, coffee and above all connecting with another human being. That means the good old face-to-face meeting. Nothing separates the wheat from the chaff than your ability to say "Hi. I'm Rolo. I'd like to help/work with you. Tell me about you." Scary eh? I think the lack of genuine connection in our communication these days bears a closer look. If I join WAYN I don't think it will bring me closer to anyone. Though I would want to continue to do so.
Sometimes though technology can help.
I do admit that the features of LinkedIn allowed me to do the one thing I enjoy, which is recommend really great people to other people for all to read. That to me is a joy, but it is still secondary to telling a client or friend in need, "hey I know this great person..."

On a whim I joined another eProposal website that is supposed to list your services to clients. There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses listed on it. Not a single tender for proposal or client seeking services has popped up in the two weeks since I signed up for it. Its as barren as a parking lot after the mall closes. Thank god I'm not paying for it.


Perhaps the techno-connection glut has to get worse before it gets better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Past Events: Louisa's Jack n' Jill

Here we have one of our earlier events for a private client, completed in the late summer of 2007. Our client was on a tight budget and was looking for an intimate yet affordable venue to hold her Jack n' Jill in conjunction with the couples Going-Away party to another part of Canada. As a result, she was looking for a place nearby, easily accessible by transit and cozy!

(From top left to to bottom right: Intimate affair at a local cafe, floral arrangements by Carly W., J at the bar, Linda on the go, Smoked Salmon Canape's, Experiencing a votive, and mini creme-brulee's - Copyright Simplicity (C) 2009)

The venue of choice was a trendy local coffee shop, (sadly its no longer under the same management - and has since changed greatly) and as such added a very eclectic feel as well as having all the amenities needed for on-site catering! Not only does this give local business a boost, but its a great way to have an intimate and informal event at an affordable cost!

One of the greatest achievements of this event was that when all was said and done, the event was a true testament what Simplicity can do. Over 80% of the materials used in the event were either, properly recycled or composted, or could be reused again! even the parting gifts of potted violets were carefully chosen from a local Toronto-based nursery, minimizing carbon emissions all the while spreading a little life and love on behalf of the celebrants. Even more fantastic was that no food went to waste, with the un-plated trays going straight to Second Harvest.

Special Thanks goes out to Ruthie and Ross and all the staff for this event. It was a very humid night, but awesome fun!

(All photo's copyright Simplicity (c) 2007)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Update No.3

One of the more recent events we did was to cater Business Connection Exchange (BCX) Mississauga Chapter's Meet and Greet, held at the Maple Buffet. (More on the BCX in a follow-up)

Despite the pouring rain and my GO train adventure in finding the location, there was a fantastic turn out and I had the opportunity to work again with our chef extraordinaire Rexy and meet a diverse array of other small business owners.

I highly recommend hooking up with the BCX and or others similar small business associations in your area. Its a fantastic way to keep in the "know" about your business community, connect with other entrepreneurs, practice/polish your marketing approach and get valuable tips and advice.

Here are a few photo's from the event. (Excuse the grainy nature!)

In my humble opinion, schmoozing and connecting with other small business people is so much easier when you have hearty appetizers and a great environment!

Special thanks goes out to Adrian, Inez and Cheryl for helping make it happen!

Summer Update No.2

Hello all!

Oh my, oh my, this summer has indeed be quite busy! It has been one of both highs and lows this summer especially on the entrepreneur field but the one sure thing is we're even more resolved to help Simplicity thrive.

On a personal note, I realize I've had to batten down the hatches and close off my personal borders to survive this summer. I'm not quite sure friends, family and clients may understand it but in hindsight it was a decision I made instinctively as I turned inward in reflection on the future. Professor Randy Pausch came to mind recently, in particular his words about walls, "walls are meant to challenge us and to get us to think of how badly do we want whats on the other side."
Perhaps in this case it showed me how badly I need friends, family and clients as support in what we do and that not for a second should we forget where we are and others are in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing can do this quicker than taking a few moments to call people who are important to me and say "What can I do for you to be at your best? To get you where you want to go?" Perhaps in that way too, helping them get over their walls I find the impetus to launch over mine.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Update No.1

Its been a ridiculously busy summer for us at Simplicity!

Earlier this summer we started it off right by volunteering to help Alpha 2 Alternative School by helping organize and cater its Class of 2009 Grade 8 Graduation hosted by Lula Lounge. The awesome news is that we provided all the catering for the 60 student and parent event at cost!

It was a hot time for a graduation and we managed to provide a great selection of light and vegetarian friendly dishes for the health conscious students and family. Special thanks goes out to Tracy of the Lula Lounge for being on-site and helping make the event truly a success!

In continuing our theme of volunteering with the community and supporting education we also went along and helped supervise with their end of the year summer car-camping trip to Stouffville. It was a great windy time, plenty of sun and wildlife, followed by evenings of smores, stargazing and playing "manhunt" in the dark!

(Special thanks to Lance for taking such awesome photos and letting Steve use his camera!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Okay so here is a quick little post that to this day, sticks in my craw.
(possible RANT ALERT)

About two weeks ago we decided to go to the local Market that is THE location in our area for organic/special dietary needs supermarket cooperative. The goal was to restock the household with as much organic goodies as possible.

Now to be fair I've always been pretty skeptical of organic food, and beg to differ that there is a very fine difference between saying something is Organic, and a piece of produce that truly is. What really changed my mind was a video called: Uh. I can't remember. (No really I can't.)

Thought for Food: How far do we have t
o go for Organic food when we're next door to the Horseshoe Valley?

But it was by the National Film Board (linky link). and I think it was either called "The Fight for True Farming" or "The Genetic Takeover or Mutant Food"
. Either way my skepticism was overwhelmed by a very decent documentary that really opened my eyes to what Organic farming is. It certainly shed a lot of light on the problems that Maple Syrup farmers face, as well as Genetically Modified wheat.

I highly recommend anyone check it out if you have doubts about organic food.

(End of Digression)

Anyhow, what annoyed the snot out of me was that we really wanted to get as much healthy produce as possible. Our ONE caveat is that it MUST be from Ontario!!! (RAWR!) The kicker: 90% (YES NINETY) percent of the stuff offered by Organic food central supermarket was from the US! The only things offered were a few Radishes, Lettuce and Asparagus from Ontario! When we went to the checkout cashier directly across from us was artwork done my the local elementary school saying "BUY LOCAL". I CAN'T, the primary supermarket that is supposedly "Thee place" for buying organic, earth friendly produce and products only provides 90% it from
a neighbouring country. The stuff was probably shipped more than 100 km's away, not to mention using a whole lot of transport, gas, emissions, labour, energy. Why not use the blinking local farms that are not more than 2 hours away? Sigh.


I don't get it. This only solidifies my zeal for channeling Simplicity as a means for supporting the Local Organic Farming industry. [To Do: Must visit the local farm that Alpha II goes to!]

Perhaps its a little thing, but as J pointed out: "I am not rich enough to eat cheap food."


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of the Box Art: Salina Kwan

Okay so I've been meaning to write about a fantastic person I'm helping.

Salina is a new friend of mine who's artistic streak is channeled in quite a unique way and I'm thrilled to help brainstorm with her on developing her truly unique talent into a business.

Here are some of her works and I look forward to recommending clients to her.

These would be utterly fantastic for unique and personal menu's for private dinner parties, one of kind gifts to clients or personalized keepsakes for wedding guests!

(All artwork , photography concept copyright of SalinaKwan Design 2009 (C) )

Friday, June 12, 2009

What have we been up to lately? Catching Eventitis

Okay okay, so I haven't been in touch lately. I'm sorry Blog. (Also sorry to any that may be reading this!)

I admit, I've fallen prey to Eventitis. Its a curious affliction in which you're too stressed out and worried to even think about the upcoming event. Particularly your own birthday! In this case it was my 31st birthday. In hindsight I really should have just handed the reigns over to someone else!

The sheer thought of planning, (which I enjoy) cooking, (which I do enjoy in small batches) got me in a tizzy when it came to the every day of running a business, study for my Phase 1 Real Estate License, and helping consult on a reno. That and a few more things I've mention at a later date.

Upcoming Posts:
- Our catering of a BCX,
- What BCX is,
- Our volunteer work,
- An awesome lady named Cheryl! (and YES, also pictures)
- Profiles: Salina, Leonard, Sheng, Andy, Charlie

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You're richer than you think....

Perhaps its just me, but one of the most difficult things is to find financial institutions that represent my interests as an entrepreneur? I'm not going to name names here, since there is only FIVE major banks that have a oligopoly in T.O. (To be fair the title of this post is NOT the bank I'm sadly associated with. But it always makes me giggle, because it is quite simply true.)

Case in point. The other day I make a sizable deposit at my friendly self-serving bank to my business account since I needed to get more deposit slips. Now these wonderful deposit slips are a handy way of tracking your deposits and from what I believe a necessity to make a deposit. This is mainly because at whichever branch I go to they give me unending grief that I don't have a filled out deposit slip with my deposit. Despite the fact that they have boxes of this stuff at each local and do not have them out within easy reach. (At least at the local branches I visit) But I digress, so my visit goes like this:

Optimist Me: "Hi, I'd like to make this deposit and get new deposit slips."
Teller: "Sure sir, though generally you get more for your account regularly."
OM: "Uh, no I haven't' received any since I got my order of cheques."
T: "We could order more for you sir."
OM: (Smiling) "So you mean I need to pay for slips for the right to deposit my money?"

So that's the gist of it, and its pretty ironic to me. Its a little thing but its one more thing why I'm so disillusioned with the big financial institutions. There is something I learned recently, its called ETDBW or "Ease to do Business with". If you're going to do a service for someone you might as well make it as easy as possible, as painless as possible for them to get that service from you. Something that the new Credit Union I just signed up for sounds like it has. I'll let you know how that goes.

Entrepreneur tip: I've found its much better to be signed up with more than one bank/credit union. Better to have that than to be at the mercy of one bank/credit union. It also simply pays to know more about your banking options and get the most "service bang" for your buck.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Future of Simplicity: Green Roof tour of MEC!

Today we had a rare opportunity to tour the GreenRoof above the Mountain Equipment Co-op building. Special thanks to Doors Open Toronto for the chance for us to see such a fantastic oasis in the middle of our concrete and steel jungle!

I was absolutely stunned when I first climbed up the steep access steps. I think my exact words were "Holy Shit." I dunno if our MEC tour guide Dave heard me whil
e he offered me his hand to help me up. So rather awkwardly (rather than leave him hanging) I shook is hand.

Here are the two shots I took with my cell camera. Its rather blurry, sorry! (future Simplicity investment to come...)

As you can see its a ridiculous amount of green space. It was like stepping onto a prairie in the middle of the city! Our tour guide told us that this is about 10,000 sqr. ft. of native prairie grass land growing only on 4" of volcanic top soil.

Some interesting facts passed onto us:
- $50,000 for the reinforcing of the rooftop for the additional weight of the soil (load bearing under soaked soil conditions)
- $120,000 for the setup itself of 4" of light volcanic topsoil, irrigation and planting.
- This roof is irrigated once and a while using a retrofitted rainwater storage
- Can be mounted/retrofitted onto any roof and on a sloped roof too! (Though not sure if it can be on the steeper ones)
- This roof is maintained to keep invasive species of plants out. Otherwise very little maintenance!
- Does not require reinforcement if you use the smaller, sod roll-out 2" plot.

- This cools the roof to about 20 degree's lower than the regular asphalt and gravel roofs, which average about 50 degrees during the day.
- This also cools the building, lessens the residual heat passed into the building
- Natural nesting ground/food source for birds and bugs
- Reduces the amount of storm drainage water that sweeps pollutants from our streets and sewers into our lake by absorbing (watering) up to 75% of the rainwater.
- Reduces wear on the roof. (Which I worked out to double the lifespan of a roof, if you consider that roofs are redone/patched every 10-20 years.) That's about 40 years!
- Reduces CO2 emissions! (naturally of course!)

I simply cannot wait to have a green roof of our own on any future Simplicity property. Special thanks to Dave our guide for putting up with mine and Jasna's inquisitive questions.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick Photo of the day...

Since we obviously need more photo's, here is one to whet your appetite!

Oodles of chocolate tuxedo strawberries done for a clients Jack n' Jill.
(Copyright Simplicity 2009 (c) - Photography by R. Spencer 2007)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Argh. A quick post

Hey all,

Here is a quick little post before I'm off to do the banking.

Speaking of which it reminds me that in every business, proper financing is the life blood of a business (and also ones personal life/future). I think it boils down to respecting ones wallet and being able to see beyond the next week.

How do go about doing this? Every day take a look at where you and your company are at. Me, being the dude who likes to plan and organize I keep track of it like a TO&E for one of my games. (If you know me, then you know how detailed it can be!)

Need more time to do things? Check this inspiration out and be ready and out the door in 5 minutes Japanese style! Speaking of which, I should do the same!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recession? What Recession!?


Being an entrepreneur is ridiculously hard. My (strange) analogy of how difficult it is can be put this way:

If life were a river of beautiful experiences in which the you either swim or let the current take you, being an entrepreneur is like forging your own stream. Now during these times perhaps its like shaping that stream with a spoon.

That being said, this is no time to have one's head in the sand or just blindly soldier on. Yes it is truly hard to be and live as an entrepreneur in this financially unstable climate. YET, if it wasn't hard why would be entrepreneurs in the first place? Building your own business should never ever be easy, if it were I'd be terribly worried.

Perhaps there is a recession going on right now, perhaps not, or perhaps its just a slow slide or recovery. I've heard from early optimistic financial forecasts that the recession should come to a close around July. The key thing here is to be able to separate the fact from fiction and neither be swayed by the hype or hysteria. The bottom line is, this too, shall pass. Recessions do, on occasion, occur as the downward cycle of any economy.

During the last two months the office I worked in did extremely well and several people were making a killing in sales. This wasn't just selling shoes, this was real estate. This was clearly in contrast to the doom and gloom that the newspapers and media spun. So what gives? There are indeed people making a money (if not a lot of money) and profiting from this shift in the financial landscape. On top of that, financial analysist state that in a persons life time, they will face at least two recessions.

My first experience of this was in 1985 at age seven, during the big market crash. My dad took some advice from an accountant to invest in several homes, mere months from the market crash. Unfortunately nobody could predict the future. We all were effected by that in someway or form. Sure, I was seven, but in hindsight that still could be felt. Now even more so I have the power to shape how I roll with things. When I was seven all I could do is put on the blinders and focus on whats ahead of me. Ie. growing up

So this would be my second. I'm fully expecting and planning for a third.

So what do we do? We certainly cannot stick our heads in the sand and wait for it to blow over. As entrepreneurs our fat reserves are already lean as it is. We can also regress and put those blinders on and be nieve to the situation around us. This too is not an option. I believe that if an entrepreneur can survive, if not thrive in this recession then all the better. This is one of those defining times in which the all the featherweights run and go back to their day job.

Now more than ever its important to continue to invest in our networks and strengthen our bonds with current clients. We may not be able to help others by shelling out loads of cash to bail them out. But there is more than one way to help someone. There is strength in numbers and its during the hardest of times that trust and friendship are truest. By the sheer act of sharing the experience and doing whatever you can to help others, it can and does come back. Now more than ever this is not a time to count favours, or reserve that special contact for oneself.

Visualization is also key. If it means putting up a hokey picture of your dream home on some secluded island, then so be it. Look at it every day. To quote Robert Kiyosaki "Do-Be-Have". The key is to keep doing whats needed to be done, EVERY day. Galvinization only comes through having a clear and focused goal, regardless of the climate.

Check out free seminars hosted by Enterprise Toronto (Link HERE). Perhaps you already have all the information but, again there is strength in numbers, surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs who are struggling is a great way to network and find out how you can help each other.

The bottom line is. Its not what you know, its who you know. (To be edited)

Awesome Person Spotlight: Veronica

his is a brief spotlight of some of the people who have been helping/or helped make Simplicity an awesome company.


I chose to write about Veronica because she is a shining example of the type of person that every company, group, or team needs. Imagine: at the end of the event, you and the team simply beat! Running a eight hour shift on your feet can just be sheer exhaustion and short of a shot of coffee of plenty of sugar, you have no idea how you'll survive the rest of the event. NOT for Veronica! Like a dancing dervish, as the close of the event draws near Veronica is all charged up and ready for more!

Veronica has been with us almost since the beginning. Starting with us since early 2007, she has quickly become a core member of Simplicity waitstaff and helped us campaign through the grueling and brisk half of 2007 and is still with with us as we branch off into our community development initiatives.

Quite frankly she is a blessing to our team at any event we do. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude is a fantastic salve for all of us at the end of the day. Unlike many of the staff Veronica seems to gain energy, and like a dynamo is able to inspire the rest of us to keep going till the end and even perhaps remind us of the fun of the event.

One of Ronnie's most endearing qualities is to be able to empathize and relate to others. For this and all the above I'm quite thankful for her sheer awesomeness.

As Simplicity develops and grows I look forward to helping Ronnie connect, continue to seek and define her path in life, whether it be teacher, dancer or as primer for community development. I certainly feel that she has a knack for adding to any community.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Being Cheap is not Cheap"

Working for various companies, I've seen a lot of different business and accounting styles. I often wonder if being completely and utterly stingy with every penny really makes a big difference...

Seeing both sides of the fences, I do believe that yes it can be quite effective in watching every penny. But I think in hindsight, the reality of the situation is that being so dramatic as to be called frugal, stingy, what really comes through is being called cheap. Cheapness is never a good thing, in any product, service, or business.

Perhaps the German's have it right, uncompromising quality. Everything from tanks, gliders, submarines, guns, to drafting equipment to the BMW. Its all done with precision and care, that comes with a price tag. Thus they are world renown for their quality and craftsmanship. In comparison, it sure must be great to mass produce lower quality goods, but in the end, your consumer will eventually be left wanting. Regardless of how affordable and cut-rate your services are.

If you're cheap, word does get around. Even worse if your employees get wind of it or witness it. Perhaps it can be said that "Cheapness is not cheap." (Now the new title of this entry.) The effect can be devastating on morale and hinder performance.

In relating this recent lesson to today's worldly economic status. I do recognize that financially the situation is not exactly positive but it is certainly not bleak. It is also certainly not just cause to conduct business as I have seen. Cheapness is not a one time incident. I believe it is a way of living, your choice of actions and decisions, and quite frankly and literally cheapens the overall interaction with clients.

But how do we define cheap? In reality it depends on the situation, but more over it depends on our own standards. What standards do I have for Simplicity? Certainly not cheap ones.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What have we been up to lately?!

Hey all,

Its been a bit since my last post. Suffice to say we're getting the hang of the bloggy thing. We finally managed to hang up some pictures. Painting to follow!

Surprisingly the month of January has been a really good one for us. Generally its a time known for hibernation and being a snowbird seeking warmer climes. But Simplicity is much more resilient in the fresh start of 2009.

Early in January 2009 we helped bail out another staffing agency with a last minute gig and staffed a client appreciation show for a real estate team. Check out Nella Cucina on Bathurst. Its a dreamy place for people who love to be in the kitchen.

On the volunteering front, mid-January saw Simplicity catering Alpha II Alternative school's Open House. It was a fantastic turn out. Starting last year we've taken the opportunity to come in bi-weekly to cook with the students and give them more opportunity to explore and learn kitchen craft. Information on Alpha 2 can be found (Here) More volunteers to help create learning opportunities are certainly welcome!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Executive Summary (v0.5)

Draft (0.3 - collaborative)

Our Vision

To make Simplicity a leader in the Toronto event planning & catering industry by setting a new and different standard for excellence, then utilize our success to thrive and then diversify our company to an international scale.
To grow Simplicity to a highly adaptable self-sustaining corporate entity that does not betray its founding principles, upholds its core values without forgoing profitability.

Our Mission

To simplify our clients events through the development of a socially responsible company that creates stunning and truly memorable events through investing and nurturing its most important asset, its people.

Our Values

At Simplicity, we believe it is possible to be an ethical/social/and environmentally responsible organization that can be still be highly profitable and successful on an international scale.

  • We believe that our greatest asset are the people who make up and drive Simplicity towards its successes.
  • We believe that every event does not have to be over-budget and/or lavish to be truly memorable or successful.
  • We believe in honesty, trust and transparency in dealing with all our clients and staff, to not only protect their confidence and trust as well ensure the success of our ventures with our clients.
  • We believe that by surrounding ourselves with great people we will do great deeds and that our actions speak louder than our words.
  • We believe that our company is a community is to be nurtured and created to effect change great and/or small in our world.
  • We believe that egos have no place in our team or the work that we do.
  • We believe in nurturing the entrepreneur spirit, supporting other small businesses and supporting Canadian business.

Our Objectives

  • To offer a attractive socially/environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative to our clients, and be a premiere Catering & Event Planning company in the next five years.
  • To set a new standard in the treatment, development, well-being and cultivation of our people and help them be the best they can be and want to be.
  • To constantly innovate provide a fertile place for creativity, learning and well-being, and never be set in our ways or inflexible, and/or be a one-trick pony
  • To offer a nurturing, equitable and socially conscious and positive work environment for our people
  • To affect effect change in our world, great or small, personal or community or global level
  • To simplify the well-being, living and joy for all who interact with Simplicity.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who are we? (In a nutshell)

Welcome to our blog!

(This is the part where I come up with something snappy to say)

This is the first official web blog for Simplicity Event Planning and Catering. Our purpose is multi-fold. To our clients, our mission is to "Simplify your event"! Whether your event is an intimate private celebration, or a corporate celebration, big or small; our focus is to make your event a truly successful and above all a memorable one!

We are here to ensure it is as painless, easy, seamless and worry free as possible, without breaking our clients budgets.

For our part, Simplicity is also a close-knit socially responsible community of people working together to effect change great and small. All the while building a fantastic company, one event at a time.

That being said, this blog has many purposes. But for now, its main purpose is to keep our supporters, clients and stakeholders connected and informed in what we do, how we're evolving, adapting, and above all thriving!

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, aspiring event planner, client, supporter or just plain curious. You're completely welcome to watch as Simplicity and all its ventures unfold.