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  • “You have extraordinary attention to detail. You took care of the little things (like the place setting utensil twine and the food platter you sent up to the girls’ room) that we didn’t even think about. We’d be able to tell future clients to feel confident that everything will be taken of with style, even the things they may not have thought of beforehand.” – John, on his wedding

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A new way to harvest honey?!

Hello everyone! Its been ages, but I thought I'd restart posting with something that I've always loved. Honey! A while back I've cut out as much white processed sugar out of my diet and switched to honey. My guilty pleasure of coffee just seemed to taste so much better. My wonderful gal drew my attention to this innovation on how to harvest honey. What has always struck me is that gathering honey is so invasive in terms of labour, disruption and messy sorting of bees caught in honey.