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  • “You have extraordinary attention to detail. You took care of the little things (like the place setting utensil twine and the food platter you sent up to the girls’ room) that we didn’t even think about. We’d be able to tell future clients to feel confident that everything will be taken of with style, even the things they may not have thought of beforehand.” – John, on his wedding

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You're richer than you think....

Perhaps its just me, but one of the most difficult things is to find financial institutions that represent my interests as an entrepreneur? I'm not going to name names here, since there is only FIVE major banks that have a oligopoly in T.O. (To be fair the title of this post is NOT the bank I'm sadly associated with. But it always makes me giggle, because it is quite simply true.)

Case in point. The other day I make a sizable deposit at my friendly self-serving bank to my business account since I needed to get more deposit slips. Now these wonderful deposit slips are a handy way of tracking your deposits and from what I believe a necessity to make a deposit. This is mainly because at whichever branch I go to they give me unending grief that I don't have a filled out deposit slip with my deposit. Despite the fact that they have boxes of this stuff at each local and do not have them out within easy reach. (At least at the local branches I visit) But I digress, so my visit goes like this:

Optimist Me: "Hi, I'd like to make this deposit and get new deposit slips."
Teller: "Sure sir, though generally you get more for your account regularly."
OM: "Uh, no I haven't' received any since I got my order of cheques."
T: "We could order more for you sir."
OM: (Smiling) "So you mean I need to pay for slips for the right to deposit my money?"

So that's the gist of it, and its pretty ironic to me. Its a little thing but its one more thing why I'm so disillusioned with the big financial institutions. There is something I learned recently, its called ETDBW or "Ease to do Business with". If you're going to do a service for someone you might as well make it as easy as possible, as painless as possible for them to get that service from you. Something that the new Credit Union I just signed up for sounds like it has. I'll let you know how that goes.

Entrepreneur tip: I've found its much better to be signed up with more than one bank/credit union. Better to have that than to be at the mercy of one bank/credit union. It also simply pays to know more about your banking options and get the most "service bang" for your buck.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Future of Simplicity: Green Roof tour of MEC!

Today we had a rare opportunity to tour the GreenRoof above the Mountain Equipment Co-op building. Special thanks to Doors Open Toronto for the chance for us to see such a fantastic oasis in the middle of our concrete and steel jungle!

I was absolutely stunned when I first climbed up the steep access steps. I think my exact words were "Holy Shit." I dunno if our MEC tour guide Dave heard me whil
e he offered me his hand to help me up. So rather awkwardly (rather than leave him hanging) I shook is hand.

Here are the two shots I took with my cell camera. Its rather blurry, sorry! (future Simplicity investment to come...)

As you can see its a ridiculous amount of green space. It was like stepping onto a prairie in the middle of the city! Our tour guide told us that this is about 10,000 sqr. ft. of native prairie grass land growing only on 4" of volcanic top soil.

Some interesting facts passed onto us:
- $50,000 for the reinforcing of the rooftop for the additional weight of the soil (load bearing under soaked soil conditions)
- $120,000 for the setup itself of 4" of light volcanic topsoil, irrigation and planting.
- This roof is irrigated once and a while using a retrofitted rainwater storage
- Can be mounted/retrofitted onto any roof and on a sloped roof too! (Though not sure if it can be on the steeper ones)
- This roof is maintained to keep invasive species of plants out. Otherwise very little maintenance!
- Does not require reinforcement if you use the smaller, sod roll-out 2" plot.

- This cools the roof to about 20 degree's lower than the regular asphalt and gravel roofs, which average about 50 degrees during the day.
- This also cools the building, lessens the residual heat passed into the building
- Natural nesting ground/food source for birds and bugs
- Reduces the amount of storm drainage water that sweeps pollutants from our streets and sewers into our lake by absorbing (watering) up to 75% of the rainwater.
- Reduces wear on the roof. (Which I worked out to double the lifespan of a roof, if you consider that roofs are redone/patched every 10-20 years.) That's about 40 years!
- Reduces CO2 emissions! (naturally of course!)

I simply cannot wait to have a green roof of our own on any future Simplicity property. Special thanks to Dave our guide for putting up with mine and Jasna's inquisitive questions.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick Photo of the day...

Since we obviously need more photo's, here is one to whet your appetite!

Oodles of chocolate tuxedo strawberries done for a clients Jack n' Jill.
(Copyright Simplicity 2009 (c) - Photography by R. Spencer 2007)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Argh. A quick post

Hey all,

Here is a quick little post before I'm off to do the banking.

Speaking of which it reminds me that in every business, proper financing is the life blood of a business (and also ones personal life/future). I think it boils down to respecting ones wallet and being able to see beyond the next week.

How do go about doing this? Every day take a look at where you and your company are at. Me, being the dude who likes to plan and organize I keep track of it like a TO&E for one of my games. (If you know me, then you know how detailed it can be!)

Need more time to do things? Check this inspiration out and be ready and out the door in 5 minutes Japanese style! Speaking of which, I should do the same!