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  • “You have extraordinary attention to detail. You took care of the little things (like the place setting utensil twine and the food platter you sent up to the girls’ room) that we didn’t even think about. We’d be able to tell future clients to feel confident that everything will be taken of with style, even the things they may not have thought of beforehand.” – John, on his wedding

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nothing beats a great client!

What I love the most about doing what I do is the people that I meet. On occasion you do mean the sketchy sort, but there are always the jewels that make the connection worth it. These jewels are people who are so fantastic that its an honour to be a part of their lives and allowed to help shape an intimate transition in their life like getting married. Or to simply play a key role for them in helping manage something momentous like taking the stress out of a celebration, function or social event. I cannot help but get excited as the time event date draws near and all things are falling into place. I've always found that the greatest indicator is when you leave your meeting energized and in a fantastic mood. Its an infectious vibe that just further fuels being passionate in what one does! Here's looking forward to an ambitious Fall and Winter campaign of events for Simplicity and our fantastic clients!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A wise bride once said...invite those who actually matter to both of you!

I had a great opportunity to catch up with close friends about their wedding over some very good food and coffee up in the Yonge & Eglinton. (Or as I like to call it, Young & Eligible) J chose a wonderful spot to meet up for brunch called Amore. I have to say it was very cozy, and exquisite food! I'm looking forward to trying this place for dinner!

Besides catching up on recent news, I also always enjoy speaking with recently and newly wed people
One of the questions that I was recently tossing around in my head was "who would I invite to my own wedding?"

Sharon had this to say: "Dave and I worked out that we only invite those who've kept in touch with us over the past year."

Truer words were never spoken.  Sometimes it just pays to keep it simple and focus on those you have a stronger bond with than those you need to catch up with.  Especially during a wedding with so many to engage, connect and share such an intimate and momentous event.

Thanks Share!