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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Update No.1

Its been a ridiculously busy summer for us at Simplicity!

Earlier this summer we started it off right by volunteering to help Alpha 2 Alternative School by helping organize and cater its Class of 2009 Grade 8 Graduation hosted by Lula Lounge. The awesome news is that we provided all the catering for the 60 student and parent event at cost!

It was a hot time for a graduation and we managed to provide a great selection of light and vegetarian friendly dishes for the health conscious students and family. Special thanks goes out to Tracy of the Lula Lounge for being on-site and helping make the event truly a success!

In continuing our theme of volunteering with the community and supporting education we also went along and helped supervise with their end of the year summer car-camping trip to Stouffville. It was a great windy time, plenty of sun and wildlife, followed by evenings of smores, stargazing and playing "manhunt" in the dark!

(Special thanks to Lance for taking such awesome photos and letting Steve use his camera!)

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  1. NB. Sorry gang, I'd love to post the photos of me and the kids. But there is legalise involved! :D