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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Okay so here is a quick little post that to this day, sticks in my craw.
(possible RANT ALERT)

About two weeks ago we decided to go to the local Market that is THE location in our area for organic/special dietary needs supermarket cooperative. The goal was to restock the household with as much organic goodies as possible.

Now to be fair I've always been pretty skeptical of organic food, and beg to differ that there is a very fine difference between saying something is Organic, and a piece of produce that truly is. What really changed my mind was a video called: Uh. I can't remember. (No really I can't.)

Thought for Food: How far do we have t
o go for Organic food when we're next door to the Horseshoe Valley?

But it was by the National Film Board (linky link). and I think it was either called "The Fight for True Farming" or "The Genetic Takeover or Mutant Food"
. Either way my skepticism was overwhelmed by a very decent documentary that really opened my eyes to what Organic farming is. It certainly shed a lot of light on the problems that Maple Syrup farmers face, as well as Genetically Modified wheat.

I highly recommend anyone check it out if you have doubts about organic food.

(End of Digression)

Anyhow, what annoyed the snot out of me was that we really wanted to get as much healthy produce as possible. Our ONE caveat is that it MUST be from Ontario!!! (RAWR!) The kicker: 90% (YES NINETY) percent of the stuff offered by Organic food central supermarket was from the US! The only things offered were a few Radishes, Lettuce and Asparagus from Ontario! When we went to the checkout cashier directly across from us was artwork done my the local elementary school saying "BUY LOCAL". I CAN'T, the primary supermarket that is supposedly "Thee place" for buying organic, earth friendly produce and products only provides 90% it from
a neighbouring country. The stuff was probably shipped more than 100 km's away, not to mention using a whole lot of transport, gas, emissions, labour, energy. Why not use the blinking local farms that are not more than 2 hours away? Sigh.


I don't get it. This only solidifies my zeal for channeling Simplicity as a means for supporting the Local Organic Farming industry. [To Do: Must visit the local farm that Alpha II goes to!]

Perhaps its a little thing, but as J pointed out: "I am not rich enough to eat cheap food."


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