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Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Update No.2

Hello all!

Oh my, oh my, this summer has indeed be quite busy! It has been one of both highs and lows this summer especially on the entrepreneur field but the one sure thing is we're even more resolved to help Simplicity thrive.

On a personal note, I realize I've had to batten down the hatches and close off my personal borders to survive this summer. I'm not quite sure friends, family and clients may understand it but in hindsight it was a decision I made instinctively as I turned inward in reflection on the future. Professor Randy Pausch came to mind recently, in particular his words about walls, "walls are meant to challenge us and to get us to think of how badly do we want whats on the other side."
Perhaps in this case it showed me how badly I need friends, family and clients as support in what we do and that not for a second should we forget where we are and others are in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing can do this quicker than taking a few moments to call people who are important to me and say "What can I do for you to be at your best? To get you where you want to go?" Perhaps in that way too, helping them get over their walls I find the impetus to launch over mine.


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