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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Past Events: Louisa's Jack n' Jill

Here we have one of our earlier events for a private client, completed in the late summer of 2007. Our client was on a tight budget and was looking for an intimate yet affordable venue to hold her Jack n' Jill in conjunction with the couples Going-Away party to another part of Canada. As a result, she was looking for a place nearby, easily accessible by transit and cozy!

(From top left to to bottom right: Intimate affair at a local cafe, floral arrangements by Carly W., J at the bar, Linda on the go, Smoked Salmon Canape's, Experiencing a votive, and mini creme-brulee's - Copyright Simplicity (C) 2009)

The venue of choice was a trendy local coffee shop, (sadly its no longer under the same management - and has since changed greatly) and as such added a very eclectic feel as well as having all the amenities needed for on-site catering! Not only does this give local business a boost, but its a great way to have an intimate and informal event at an affordable cost!

One of the greatest achievements of this event was that when all was said and done, the event was a true testament what Simplicity can do. Over 80% of the materials used in the event were either, properly recycled or composted, or could be reused again! even the parting gifts of potted violets were carefully chosen from a local Toronto-based nursery, minimizing carbon emissions all the while spreading a little life and love on behalf of the celebrants. Even more fantastic was that no food went to waste, with the un-plated trays going straight to Second Harvest.

Special Thanks goes out to Ruthie and Ross and all the staff for this event. It was a very humid night, but awesome fun!

(All photo's copyright Simplicity (c) 2007)

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