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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late night fare and a good date movie : Barney's Version and 7 West

I love spur of the moment ideas because you never know where you will find yourself. The other day J and I went for a last minute movie and late night dinner at 7 West.

I really enjoyed Barney's Version. Without getting into uber film critic mode and using university-esque learned terms like mis-en-scene. This was a very engaging and intimate film. It focused on one man and his relationships through out his life. I would not say Barney is a tragic hero by any stretch of the imagination, but what struck me as tragic were is decisions and a failure to learn from his mistakes.

In my humble opinion I found Paul Giamatti's performance fantastic and of the same calibre as the myriad of "bad-buy" roles he has portrayed in the past. (Ie. Red). As for Rosamund Pike, I continue to find her performances captivating. In particular her connection, portrayal and intellectual yet intimately mature relationship with Barney very endearing. She is well and far from the "Bond Girl" image I remember.

As for 7 West, I've long wanted to take J there to enjoy a late night brew. Sadly I was kinda disappointed. It wasn't all bad, our server was very attentive. However the obnoxious patrons on either side of us were a poor accent to the food. I suppose I should not expect much from a place that runs 24 hrs, and staff that is cooking a meal at 1am. Which brings me to the unintended realization that I am trying REAL hard not to be a food snob.
J's salad had dried cheese (ed - bocconcini ) and dried red onions. Without risking being a food snob, my spaghetti with meat sauce was er, just plain normal. Nothing else good to mention about it other than it was hot, had spaghetti and some form of ground meat. For the love of Barney it didn't even have oregano, garlic or a mushroom in sight.
I feel fairly let down, perhaps because the ambiance and service were a cut above the food we were served.

In contrast, I find Fran's Diner is just as good if not better the later it is!

Anyhow, this spur of the moment date is a welcome island of relief as we gear up for another event. I am again, blessed with a great regular client - The Toronto 7th RCA. The question remains for Monday if can engage more volunteer students to participate on this wonderful event experience. I look forward to working with Second Harvest too.

I always feel the ramp up to the event as the team gets assembled, vendors come on board and our suppliers orders get filled.
More updates to follow!

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