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Friday, June 25, 2010

Face-to-Face Booking not Facebook

Perhaps I'm just old fashioned, but I'm pretty skeptical about new modes of communication.  At times it was great, at other times it was an utter failure in application.

I remember the times when I'd log onto mIRC and meet people.  I met some really awesome people and even got a penpal out of it from Finland.  Then I remember times when it would be just trolling and people would come up to you and automatically write "a/s/l?".  Its as if interactions between people could just be derived from simply classing them by age, sex and location. 

Then we have facebook.  To this day I tend to stay off it, since all I tend to do is collect pokes.  Nevermind calling Rolly out for a coffee or a quick bite to eat.  Just poke him.

I honestly believe that business and personal relations, establishing a connection should be face to face first, technology second.  Sure technology is great, blackberry is nifty and having an iphone is a great status symbol.  But when I see a couple facing each other at a dinner table and both have their faces buried in their Blackberry's, I'm pretty concerned.   Or when friends say "hey did you get my Facebook invite?"  (What happened to calling me?)  I find it pretty scary when I hear of the younger people I know sending text messages or Facebooking another person - "Sorry I'm breaking up with you."

Nothing beats meeting people face to face, and no text message, tweet or emoticon can replace a genuine smile or audibly hearing what their needs are, how they are, and telling them what you can do for them.  Because text can capture the honest relief in their face when you show you care and want to make their life easier. 

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