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Monday, June 14, 2010

We've moved!

So you may have noticed in our last post that Simplicity has a new address, and from that you've probably concluded that we've moved! 

This is one of the reasons why things have been so silly busy lately.  Despite a crazy turn around of packing, cataloging, purging, moving and unpacking, the move went relatively smoothly.    The very end was a royal crazy moving convoy downtown but we pulled through. (I guess event planning skills and an awesome and organized gal helps!)
Btw Jasna, did I mention you rock?  Special thanks to Gabe, Chris, Joe, Migs, Andrew & Ada!

Our new digs are really sweet and located closer to downtown.  Sadly I can no longer call myself an "Eastie" but on a domestic note.  We are no longer paying an exuberant amount in Hydro  (Don't get me started on paying for Hydro -  Especially the fact that they pass on their excess debt to consumers...)

But I digress...  our new home base is essentially practicing what we preach as it simplifies our living, expenses and ability to provide greater service. 

Now we face the challenge of purging and unpacking!

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