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Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Thoughts on Food

I had a half of a fresh made panini sandwich the other day.  It left much to be desired.

At first, I jumped at the idea of prosciutto with fig jelly toasted in a sandwich with the topping of bocconcini cheese on top.
Turns out, its a complete *yawn*!   I'd almost wish to serve this as a backup to NOT offend any pallet.

Things I would have done to spice it up:

1.) Dump the bocconcini - it added nothing to the other two, since you have sweet + sweet and + mostly lost texture.  The subtly of bocconcini is great for salad and for yummy simplistic appz like tomato and fresh basil ( which I might add is also pure kanso).  This sandwich needed a cheese that said "I am a cheese!".  Something stronger to compliment and yet counteract the sweetness of the figs and prosciutto

2.) Choose better prosciutto! - I was surprised at the amount of prosciutto on the sandwich.  It ended up being pretty gummy and hard to chew.  I find that good prosciutto is almost buttery and shreds easily as you bite into it.  I finished the rest of my sandwich during class and I felt and looked like a caveman using my hands to help masticate a buffalo because the prosciutto just wouldn't shred!  I've recently found a Spanish prosciutto that is pure buttery goodness and unique enough to be subtly different.

3.) I know it sounds a bit odd - but I like searing my prosciutto!  Oh my god it must be the Filipino genetics or something, but giving a slice of prosciutto a bit of heat really does open it up and give it an almost smokey flavour.  This would really shift the taste when its placed beside the sweetness of figs.  Perhaps then the bocconcini would make sense. Which reminds me - some other time I have to discuss the love of Sandwich Making.  It is an art and sadly this prosciutto panini was made without love.   See Arthur Dent -

`So,' said Old Thrashbarg to Arthur. `Is it written that Bob shall once more take back unto himself the benediction of his once-given sandwich maker?'
Ford almost went back into his crouch.
`It's all right,' muttered Arthur, `he always talks like that.' Aloud, he said, `Ah, venerable Thrashbarg. Um, yes. I'm afraid I think I'm going to have to be popping off now. But young Drimple, my apprentice, will be a fine sandwich maker in my stead. He has the aptitude, a deep love of sandwiches, and the skills he has acquired so far, though rudimentary as yet, will, in time mature and, er, well, I think he'll work out OK is what I'm trying to say.'
Old Thrashbarg regarded him gravely. His old grey eyes moved sadly. He held his arms aloft, one still carrying a bobbing pikka bird, the other his staff.
`O Sandwich Maker from Bob!' he pronounced. He paused, furrowed his brow, and sighed as he closed his eyes in pious contemplation. `Life,' he said, `will be a very great deal less weird without you!'   ...

`Go!' shouted Thrashbarg. `Go and meet your destiny, Sandwich Maker!'

[From the book Mostly Harmless, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy in Five Parts, Douglas Adams - Thank you to tomsnyder for posting that snippet on Angelfire!]

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