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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love themes!

What do you get when you combine the colour Orange, Dragons and Babies?

An awesome themed event!   I realize I love themes almost as much as I love the simplicity of creating streamlined and worry free events.  I have been blessed with meeting a wonderful client that needed catering for their friends baby shower and I was given such a fantastic theme to sink my creative teeth into.

Rather than just go with just traditional chinese I decided on a broader asian theme for the menu planning.

I simply could not resist the orange chopsticks as an accent, with a compliment of Dim Sum and loose leaf green and jasmin tea.  

It also gave me a golden opportunity to rediscovery china town for sources and ideas to expand on the theme.

I decided on forgoing the traditional brightly coloured chinese tea and tea cups for the pure white to emphasize the orange accents of the theme.  I also wanted to add themes of seeds and symbolism in the menu.  Traditionally chinese birthday celebrations are themed with seeds and eggs as a sign of fertility.  Since this was going to be for a birthday shower I wanted to be selective.  Black sesame seeds were a perfect choice for garnish and contrast with the green mango salad zing and the stir fry noodles that symbolize long life.

What ended up occurring in the choice of serving ware for the event were flatware and setup that echoed ying and yang.

I also found that the right amount of kitsch is humbling for me and fun.  So I simply had to serve the green mango salad and stir fry in chinese food takeout containers!

This is an uber rare photo of me enjoying the prep in our clients kitchen.

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