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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Snapshots of Toronto Taste 2011

Looking back at these pictures, I am so glad I brought the camera.  I barely had any time to snap them, as there was so much to do.  I'm quite proud to have been there and did what I love to do for a great organization and a fantastic cause.

Jasna and I at the main entrance.  (+7 Hours)
Emily and I near the main stage bussing line (+8 hours)

You know its late when...
Here are some of the awesome volunteers (90+) that made this possible.   THANK YOU!
 As I mentioned before, the 16 hours on-site was such a blur, that I appreciate being able to take a look at these pictures.  They are really like fleeting memories of something awesome that happened.

 I'm super thankful for Jasna coming down to bring the camera mid way through the event.

One of the most awesome aspects of my volunteer experience for this event was the chance to meet so many fantastic people.
Second Harvest is chock full of great people willing to put in crazy hours for a great cause.  It turns out that, as a result of this charity event, over 650,000 meals will be served to Torontonians in need.

It's a big step from clearing my dinner plate as a kid growing up.  That was one of the original reasons why Simplicity started to donate to Second Harvest and I'm truly amazed to see where it can lead me.

As you can see, its super packed outside the ROM with over 1400 guests closing off Queens Park.  I salute Emily for being the early bird on-site at 5am!

      You can tell it's getting late in an event when the staff get super tired and start to have silly fun.   Here I'm posing with Cheri who is what I'd call a veteran of several Toronto Tastes.  This year is the first time the role of one Catering Lead has been split up between a team of three.

Judging from Cheri's smile we must be doing something right!

(Can you tell I REALLY like wearing my headset radio?)

     To the left is my main objective for being part of the Toronto Taste 2011.  As the Catering Lead I had a such a great opportunity to coordinate and work with over 90 volunteers from across the city, from so many walks of life, who come together for this cause.

I'm kinda sad I didn't have more of a chance to engage all of them and spend more time with them.

I especially want to thank Joyce and Katie for being my Floating Team Leads.  Having them there to trouble-shoot was such a great thing.

Here we have just some of the key people of the Second Harvest Committee that made all of this year's event possible.  I managed to snap this at the very end of the night on the steps of the ROM.

It was a perfect setting to sit down and take stock of the night as teardown started around us at +15 hours from the beginning of the event.  I think the smiles speak of exhausted happiness.

I count myself lucky enough to be down the street from the venue.  It's an even greater feeling to have a chance to be a part of this great team and pull of such a memorable event!

I'm really looking forward to Toronto Taste 2012!

At the end of Toronto Taste 2011

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