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Sunday, July 31, 2011

75 Cat Naps - Grinding at CSI: Annex


Okay as you can all tell, its been a bit since my last post.  I've been lurking around in the background with a new client and cooking up several awesome new projects for Simplicity and our crew.

Since my last post on the blog I've been doing such a wide variety of things with and for Simplicity that I just caught myself scratching my head and saying "where did my summer go?!"  Thankfully it has been truly fun, interesting and always learning new things along the way.

As July is drawing to a close, I've definitely been exposed to new avenues of art, everything from the graphic art of my client rewfoe, to the stark and richly coloured works of Caravaggio.   I've finally had a chance to awaken my wanderlust for the "roadtrip", and it seems that even 120kmph is now considered slow!

I got a chance to be a human smoke alarm when I had a chance to help CSI:Annex by being the "Fire Watch Guy".  It was a pretty unique opportunity that gave me a unique opportunity to meet many of the awesome tenants of CSI:Annex and work from 6pm to 9am.  It was like a strange retreat or a sleep over for me, except at the office and nobody around!  I was slightly disappointed that I only completed 30 of the 75 Fire Watch walks that had to be done every hour.  Then again I love sleep and readjusting from being a night owl and waking up every hour was pretty tough.

I snapped some beautiful pictures of the new office space.  Being here is such a great inspiration!  Its such a great feeling to be here and these snapshots are taken at those odd hours when most of the city is just waking up.

 With so many ideas and awesome things on the hot plate, August is looking to be just as awesome for myself and the Simplicity team.  I'll fill you all in as fast as I can.    

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