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Thursday, July 29, 2010

*Gasp* Rolo finally is back into the cellular world!

Hey all,

Yes I finally caved in and managed to get a new cellphone.  Special thanks to my love J for getting me a wonderful new gadget powered by Google.  Introducing the HTC Dream!

Word to the un-cell-ucated folks.  It always pay to do your cell research because in my journey to cell-dom I've had a rough time indeed.  Not only do different service providers provide you different things, (even among different vendors of the same provider!) but everyone has a nasty habit of "If you don't ask, we won't bother tell you."  Even if that info is rather important.  On top of that there is a whole new undiscovered world of unlocked and "rooted" phones, I'm excited to find out about. 

After our collective experience with contracts, hidden fee's and virtually no support for cell replacements with a service provider that shall remain nameless  (Rhymes with Smell-Us).  We got this wonderful gift.  Sadly another services provider (Rhymes with Robbers) decided to cripple this particular model of phone, locking you to them and their subsidiary.

On the good note, Google has one again come through with their Android powered phones.

Anyhow.  I salute Google and their platform OS Android.  I'm loving using this HTC Dream even though its crippled and I'm stuck with a provider I don't really want.  I hope to fix that some time soon!

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