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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another great Alpha II Open House!

Well the February 10th Alpha II Alternative School Open House was a success!  We had a great turn out of parents, new students and even former students!  It was good to see some of the former students I had an opportunity to cook with last year.   There was a slightly larger turn out than expected, but thankfully the quantity we cooked up was just right!  

For this event we made a mix of the traditional "Open House fare" along with some juicier elements.  In the centre is a large spread of traditional Thai Rice Wraps with Spanakopita, Pear and Chevre springrolls, Filipino Turun treats and simple yet savoury Smoked Salmon rosebuds served with an avocado cream.  My favourite dish of this spread was the absolutely delicious Bacon-wrapped Scallops drenched in melted butter!

By the end of the day I was absolutely baked!  Here is a rare photo of me keeping a keen eye out on the crowd.   Beside me is Kether, (fellow volunteer and parent of a student) whom I really really really have to thank for all her help!  THANK YOU KETHER!

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