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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Speech writing - The little highlight that means a lot

Recently I had a great opportunity to help a friend write his Groom's speech for his upcoming wedding.
With any event, the big ticket items can easily outstrip the importance of everything else that goes into an event, especially a wedding. But as I worked late night with my friend online and over chat on his speech. I don't think anything could be more personal or intimate between a newly wed couple and their circle of friends than this address.
I've come to realize I've listened to A LOT of speeches in my 9 years in the hospitality industry. Part of that realization is that I discovered what I feel are key aspects of a Couple's speech truly memorable.
Short and sweet - This is the bottom line, nothing could more effective than this. If its over 5 minutes, you'll lose your guests.
Service during speeches - This is something to really consider because a long speech can leave people wanting for service, or perhaps leave your guests without something to drink to a proposed toast.
Eye contact - Never ever read from the cards for your entire speech. Eye contact is intimacy and this is all about intimacy. Look your guests in the eye and the person you're speaking of
Pause - Nothing could be more effective than a good pause at the right moment.
Stories - Keep them short and succinct. If they are relevant they really do amplify what you're trying to convey. It also makes the speech more memorable, changes things up and keeps things interesting. People always love stories.
Quirks - With wedding speeches its important to bring everything that is you and what you're speaking about. Humans are not perfect and its what makes a wedding speech so intimate. Tears, sobs, pauses, its all important in bringing all your guests into sharing one of the most memorable moments.
Thank you Tim! It was so awesome to help you!

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