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  • “You have extraordinary attention to detail. You took care of the little things (like the place setting utensil twine and the food platter you sent up to the girls’ room) that we didn’t even think about. We’d be able to tell future clients to feel confident that everything will be taken of with style, even the things they may not have thought of beforehand.” – John, on his wedding

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Now... where were we?

Rolo: Oh hello blog.  Its been what, seven months since I've last seen you?  

Blog: How are things?  

Rolo: Things are quite dandy on my end, if not super crazy.  Thanks for asking!

Blog: What have you been up to Rolo?  I almost feel abandoned.

Rolo: Oh my dear bloggy.  I'm sorry.  Turns out Rolo had a baby, and its amazing how much time had flown by...

Blog: Oh no way?  That's awesome-sauce!  So, are we going to restart this blogging thingy?

Rolo:  Sigh... yes my dear blog.  So sorry, if not for my dear friend Karen, who I made a pinky promise with to post at least one a week, I'd not be here.  

Blog:  So whats up?  What's going on with this blog?

Rolo: Well first off, we'll be revamping it with a new look and finally streamlining it.  Plus we're relaunching Simplicity!

Blog:  Awesomesauce!  Whats up for 2013?

Rolo: Well we'll be shifting away from entrepreneurial thoughts and more thoughts on the catering industry, handy planning articles, tips and random thoughts.  We'll also be covering more of our events, past events and developing stronger ties to social and environmental responsibility.  I'll also try and update on volunteering and working with Google Ad words.  Plus we'll finally be launching the front end Simplicity website to compliment this blog.  This blog will continue to be the personal touch of what we do, and have the finer front cover of a website.  So look forward to these changes!

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