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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yikes! Happy New Year and all that jazz!

WOW, its been a while since I've touched this blog. Sorry dear readers if I kept you waiting.

Suffice to say, a lot has been happening and more often than not I barely had time to get to my computer to blog or I was in need of decompression and nowhere near the mental capacity needed to recreate and form a useful and readable post.

One other reason for the delay is being free of our former service provider! It took very little to realize that a) we'd have been paying through the nose for internet and phone, and b) we were being charged for a resource (ie. bandwidth, and up/download limits) that literally should have no limits. It puzzles me that something that was once free and unlimited 3-5 years ago suddenly becomes a rare commodity that the big providers need to put a cap on. Perhaps Netflicks introduction to Canada has something to do with this? Hmm...

So we're going with one of the smaller underdog companies. They are less likely to gouge you, firm prices and they're the underdog. I always root for the underdog and its something personal to me to support other local businesses.

The amusing thing is when we told them we were leaving them for Acanac, the rep replied "But you've been with us for 10 years! Can we match their offer?"

Me: "Can you beat $XX.XX a month unlimited."
Rep: "..."
"We can offer you the same rate for 24 gig for that rate, plus you can upgrade to X for $XX.XX. You hardly go over the rate we offer."
Me: "That's still not unlimited is it?"
Rep: "But you've been with us for ten years!"

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