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Friday, September 2, 2011

You were awesome Ookie

Well as some of you may have guessed, I've been taking time away.  In this case, taking care of my dying cat Ooks.

There is nothing tragic nor traumatic about this event.  This is another one of those personal posts, for those of you that may wonder what makes Rolo so driven in what he does?

Perhaps some may say "it's just a cat", but when you've literally raised something from birth and hold it when it finally dies in your arms after living a long and colourful life with you, something happens in you.  Perhaps its the fact I bore witness to a long and joyful life so random and beautiful coming to an end.  Its a rare moment far beyond other experiences, when I reflect on what I've accomplished and in a way, what Ookie has accomplished.  Whats more, no matter how fleeting life may seem, its so vital that I keep striving.

Holding a new life in your arms, no matter how it may not be genetically yours, made me realize how obligated I am to continue to make a difference in this world.   I'm not sure how, but it does.  Ooks was one of those 4 new and randomly fortunate reasons that I accepted responsibility for wholeheartedly.  Ooks hissing at bubblebath foam, and being an utter clutz showed me that there are exceptions to the rules, even for cats.  As well, it reinforced the lesson of "expect the unexpected".  New kittens will pee anywhere, including inside warm and dark CPU's.

How many cats got the chance to grace the Simplicity Holiday Thank you card in our first year?  ONE!

I will always remember the goofy things you did, a clumsy and nutty gemini cat to the last.  Ookie Elizabeth Tecson you were a true creature of comfort and in my bachelor years, the start of a crazy furry family!

Your calico reminders all over my business formal wear, cardboard box shredding will be missed.  I'll never forget your dedication to being my furry cat headrest, and your involuntary magnanimity at being turned into a warm and grumpy "cat accordion."  Chibi will go unchecked without you, and your chubby warmth will be missed as you purposely lay over my arms as I attempted to get work done at the computer.

Thank you Ooks.  I will miss you. 

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  1. Sorry about your cat. I have one too. He's 6 now and named Sunshine.