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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing beats fresh bread! ... from the local Cobs Bakery!

Its been a while since I've put a lot into the blog.  But I'm back now, I have my voice back and my throat is all better, so I guess the Fall cold is out of the way.   (mumble...grumble, something about "Environmental Allergies"...)

Its been a crazy summer with a lot of things going on and I've done my best to keep you all updated.  Simplicity has been quite busy doing a lot of work in the community, making new friends, meeting new vendors and naturally, meeting new clients!

One of the many great new friends and suppliers for our events has been the local Cobs Bakery located in the Annex!
"Tim" and Emily at the counter

Nothing beats exploring your new neighbourhood by finding what I like to call "the local secrets".  These are of course the best places to be, best prices, local coffee haunts (Rooster is still my favourite!) and of course, places to get good fresh bread. 

I have to really thank the stars for giving me a chance to meet the people that run this particular Cobs Bakery.  The owner Emily is fantastic, engaging and also a fellow entrepreneur.  What I love most is that her passion for bread and running a bread bakery shows through everything, including the great folks she has at the counter.

Not only has Emily been a fantastic new supplier for some of our summer events, but she has also supported Simplicity in our endeavours to help out the communities we are involved with.  (More on these later!)  It is simply fantastic to team up with a socially responsible supplier.

Thank you Emily and thanks to the awesome crew at Cobs Bakery Annex!

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