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Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to school, stress and all that jazz...

So we're in the back to school season and I can't help but feel stressed out about it even though I'm no longer (thankfully) in the school system.  I've managed to keep my love of learning healthy and alive despite my experience.  Gone are the days of thinking about  OSAP, application, and enrollment deadlines, along with all the arcane convoluted procedures to get the courses you want, or simply just to get help.

Anyhow.  I wrote a little something for someone to clarify what Simplicity does and why is it a socially responsible company.  I thought it was so nifty that it deserved to be posted here.  You can tell I wrote it from the heart and it encapsulates what we've been doing to make a difference. 

"Simplicity is our turn key event planning division that specializes in taking the stress out of our clients events, at the same time we are a triple bottom line company that is environmentally and socially responsible.  We uphold these three tenets of responsibility through our staff, actions and involvement in the community.

Currently over 95% of what goes into creating our events is re-used, recycled, composted or donated to charity.  We have a close working relationship with Second Harvest and their affiliates so no food goes to waste.  We are also involved in the helping out staff where they need to get by providing them with assistance in, references, career planning, networking contacts, helping them get ready, apply themselves and meet the right people to achieve their personal goals. 

Some examples include, one of our staff whom [we] helped apply for and prepare her University portfolio.  We have also been able to turn events into volunteer experiences for several former Alpha II students who have been hired on as volunteers to acquire experiences.  Several of our staff are artists and entrepreneurs, we introduce them with other artists and vendors we work with to help build their network, or help them with what they need.   We also express our social responsibility through our choice of vendors and suppliers we work with.  We make every effort to work with and build close relationships with local vendors as well as other small businesses that express their own ethical/social responsibility.

In addition to this, Simplicity is deeply involved in the Alpha II community providing volunteer learning opportunities for the students for nearly three years in the school kitchen as well as volunteering time as a "parent" volunteer at events and as a caterer for several major events.   We have also branched out to voluntary cater for Harmony B Co-op's - Its Chez Nous Fest 2 Art Festival and are currently involved in helping with the admin/logistics/organization of the BICYCLE - Cabbagetown Youth Centre - Biking Mechanic program.

Our [personal] mission is to affect change through helping others, no matter how large or small, through our events or by committing our time and effort simplifying their lives and make a difference in the community. "

For those of you who don't know, we do all of this behind the scenes while providing our clients with turn-key event service, great staff and great catering all bundled into one happy convenient package.

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