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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A GREAT start to the new year!

Yey.  Second post of the year!

So we started this year off right with a doing a private holiday party for a client.  Though I did not have a chance to have a hand in planning, we did have an opportunity to showcase what our staff could do!   Our client was absolutely and utterly fabulous and it was a very intimate and interactive celebration of the new year.   We made quite an impression and met some great new friends along the way! 

This year we finally got a sweet little used-camera from Henry's Outlet completely with snazzy matching case.  Sooo, I finally had a camera to bring to the event.  But alas, the only battery we had was outta juice!  Thankfully one of the guests was more than happy to snap this awesome shot of Liz, Andy and myself during the event.  Thank you Derek! 

Andy was making special martini's through out the night and Liz was keenly making sure everyone got home safely.  I was really thankful for the extra awareness, teamwork and attention to detail that both Liz and Andy exhibited.  As for myself, as a guest I ended up being roped into dancing too and even had a hand in being DJ for a bit!

Honestly this was a great way to "ring in the new year" and we have a great new client and friend out of it.  It was pure synergy of mission, excellence in hospitality and dynamic teamwork that made it possible.  Anyhoo, the picture makes me so bubbly and happy in what I do I have it on my desktop!


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